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Incineration Services

This is complete destruction and disposal of sensitive waste like pharmaceutical products and confidential documents. We treat such waste with utmost secrecy and care. In addition we issue a certificate after incinerating the waste.

Incineration as a disposal method involves burning the trash. Sometimes this is simply referred to as thermal treatment, as a general category of high temperature treatment of trash material. This method can be used to transform waste into heat, gas, steam and ash. One of the advantages of incineration is that with this method, refuse volume can be reduced by half or more and it requires little usage of land. An incineration facility can be built in a small area to process huge amounts of waste. It definitely saves a lot of space compared with using a landfill only. This method is popular in countries like Japan where space is limited. However in Kenya we use incineration for when disposing of hazardous waste that according to regulations cannot be disposed off at the dandora dumpsite.

Improper hazardous-waste storage or disposal frequently contaminates surface and groundwater supplies. Below is hazardous waste being disposed of by an incinerator.

Hazardous wastes that are not destroyed by incineration or other chemical processes need to be disposed of properly. For most such wastes, land disposal is the ultimate destination, in the designated land fill sites provided by the county councils. Below are plastic and metal containers used to store hazardous waste.

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