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Garbage.com News

Garbage.com acquires new trucks

Garbage.com acquires new trucks. The new trucks are expected in the country shortly & boosts the trucks number from 14 to 21. The trucks were bought @ a total cost of kshs 10 million. In terms of capacity this is a welcome move aimed at positioning the company in a better position.

Garbage.com launches new webite

Garbage.com launched a new webite on the 30th May 2014 @ the company headquaters in Lusaka Rd (near DT Dobie Roundabout, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya. Present at the event were the company staff & their management plus the invited guests. Speeches were donethen we all got down to a well earned hearty meal.

Get rid of those insects {blog}

Still got those pesky dudus around your home! Let the experts help you out with simple home solutions to insect & rodent 'invasions'. For the roach its a clean kitchen & the intentional leftovers marked over by chalk dust.

Clean Up exercise for residents

We have nearly all the solutions to cleanliness, health, sanitation, eco systems. All residents in dirty neighbourhoods please take part in our free voluntary clean up exercise