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Garbage Dot Com offers sustainable waste management services, including waste pickup, disposal, recycling and more. Contact us for hassle-free waste collection!

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Are you looking for a reliable waste management services company in Kenya? Look no further than Garbage Dot Com Ltd! We offer a wide range of top-notch waste management services, including:

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About Garbage Dot Com

Garbage Dot Com, established in 2003, is a leading waste management company in Kenya offering waste pickup, disposal, and recycling services. We are licensed by Nairobi City County and the National Environment Management Authority, (NEMA). With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and professionalism, we have become the market leader in Kenya and East Africa. 

We focus on the following areas in delivering our services:

PEOPLE – They are the reason we exist as a business. We are there to serve people.

SERVICE – We believe the customer is King. It is for this reason we offer exemplary service to our customers.

ENVIRONMENT – We say a big YES for sustainable environment activities.


Our Services

We offer comprehensive waste management solutions, including garbage collection, cleaning, incineration, and landscaping, to help you maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Garbage Collection

We provide efficient and reliable waste collection services, ensuring proper disposal and environmentally responsible sorting and processing.

Waste Audits

We conduct thorough waste audits, evaluating your waste generation and management practices to unlock efficiency and sustainability.

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Waste Sorting

We sort waste efficiently to maximize resource recovery and promote environment friendly waste management.

Incineration Services

We provide professional incineration services, ensuring proper disposal of waste while minimizing environmental impact.

Repurposing & Recyling

We breathe new life into materials through creative repurposing & recycling methods to promote a sustainable and circular economy.

Organic Waste Composting

We specialize in organic waste composting, converting food scraps and green waste into valuable compost for enriching soils and promoting a greener ecosystem.

What They Say

Client Testimonials

We are proud to give great service to our clients. Below are some nice comments from our happy customers.

This is the best garbage collection company they have the best customer service and they are reliable. Prices are affordable too.

James Dimo
    James Dimo


    They have the best customer service, deliver on time, Prices are very affordable and reasonable. Thus the best garbage collection ever.

    Crispus MOGC
      Crispus MOGC


      Time delivery, very affordable and I like their customer service. The best garbage collection in Nairobi.

      Michael Orawo
        Michael Orawo


        Why Choose Us

        Discover the reasons to choose us as your go to waste management partner.

        Extensive Experience

        With over 18 years of experience in sustainable waste management services, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

        Competitive Pricing

        We offer competitive pricing for our services, ensuring that you receive excellent value for your waste management needs.

        Timely and Reliable

        We pride ourselves on providing timely and reliable waste management solutions, ensuring that your waste is handled efficiently and effectively.

        Compliance with Regulations

        We subscribe to and comply with local and global waste management regulations and best practices, ensuring eco responsible waste management.

        Transparent Lifecycle Reports

        We provide clients with detailed reports that adhere to international standards, offering a clear understanding of the complete lifecycle of their waste.

        Environmental Stewardship

        We are committed to environmental stewardship and work closely with our clients to implement sustainable waste management practices.

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