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We Make Hazardous Waste Disposal Easy and Safe

Incineration involves the complete destruction and disposal of sensitive waste such as pharmaceutical products and confidential documents. At our company, we understand the utmost importance of handling such waste with discretion and care. Our rigorous incineration process ensures the secure disposal of the waste, and we provide a certificate to confirm its complete destruction.

This high-temperature treatment process involving the burning of trash to transform it into heat, gas, steam, and ash. This process effectively reduces refuse volume by over 50%, requiring minimal land usage, and can process large quantities of waste. Consequently, it is a popular method worldwide, especially in countries like Japan, where space is limited. However, in Kenya, we use incineration primarily to dispose of hazardous waste, which regulations prohibit from disposal at the Dandora dumpsite.

Improper storage or disposal of hazardous waste can contaminate surface and groundwater supplies. Therefore, our incinerator ensures complete disposal of hazardous waste, preventing contamination. Should incineration not be possible due to specific waste requirements, the waste undergoes proper disposal in designated landfill sites.

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