Incorporating Recycling for a Circular Economy


Incorporating recycling as part of every sustainable waste management system is a vital commitment for us at Garbage Dot Com. We recognize the significant potential of recycling in reducing the need for virgin plastic production and giving plastic a second life. Recycled plastic has found applications in various products, including furniture, roads, packaging, and clothing.

To ensure effective recycling, it is essential to invest in the right people and tools. Plastics can be broadly categorized as either easily recyclable or hard to recycle. Easily recyclable plastics can undergo mechanical recycling, where they are washed, ground into a powder, melted, and turned into pellets for reuse.

Hard-to-recycle plastics, on the other hand, may require chemical recycling. Chemical recycling involves changing the polymer structure of the plastic and converting it into feedstock that can replace virgin materials in plastic production.

Plastic recycling plays a pivotal role in establishing a circular economy. However, achieving true circularity necessitates action at every stage of a product's lifecycle, from design to waste management.

At Garbage Dot Com, we actively contribute to the circular economy through the following approaches:

  1. Access to Collection: We provide basic infrastructure to enable convenient and necessary waste recovery, preventing environmental leakage and ensuring proper collection.
  2. Participation and Engagement: We raise awareness and inspire participation in sustainable practices and clean-up efforts, encouraging individuals and communities to take active roles in waste management.
  3. Sorting: Sorting waste according to type, such as wet or dry, recyclable or non-recyclable, and different materials like plastic, paper, metal, or glass, is a fundamental step in any recycling system. Sorting can take place within households or at formal waste management facilities.
  4. End Markets: We actively contribute to growing market demand for recycled materials sourced from various recycling methods. By promoting the use of recycled materials, we help create a sustainable market for these resources.

Through our dedication to recycling and the circular economy, Garbage Dot Com aims to maximize resource efficiency, minimize waste, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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