Addressing the Growing Waste Crisis in Kenya’s Urban Areas


According to statistics from the Ministry of Environment in November 2022, Kenya generates an estimated 22,000 tons of waste per day, assuming an average per capita waste generation of 0.5kg for a population of 45 million. Alarmingly, approximately 40 percent of this waste is generated in urban areas.

The rapid urbanization rate, increasing by 10 percent, indicates that by 2030, Kenya's urban population will generate approximately 5.5 million tonnes of waste annually. This staggering amount is three times higher than the waste generated in 2009, making effective waste management an urgent matter.

Past inventories reveal that a significant portion of the waste, ranging from 60 to 70 percent, consists of organic materials. Plastic accounts for around 20 percent, followed by paper at 10 percent, medical waste at one percent, and metal at two percent.

The Ministry of Environment attributes the excessive waste generation to inefficient production processes, low durability of goods, and unsustainable consumption and production patterns. The lack of waste auditing in most companies further exacerbates the problem, as it hinders the understanding of waste reduction strategies, efficient resource utilization, and the potential for reuse.

To address this pressing issue, Garbage Dot com offers waste auditing services and comprehensive waste management solutions. Waste auditing helps individuals and businesses understand their waste generation patterns, identify areas for waste reduction, and develop efficient waste management strategies. By implementing waste reduction measures, reusing materials, and optimizing resource utilization, we can significantly contribute to mitigating the waste crisis.

At Garbage Dot com, we are committed to promoting responsible waste management practices in Kenya's urban areas. Our expertise in waste auditing, combined with our comprehensive waste management services, allows us to assist individuals, businesses, and communities in effectively managing their waste streams. Together, we can work towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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