Addressing the Growing Waste Crisis in Kenya’s Urban Areas

According to statistics from the Ministry of Environment in November 2022, Kenya generates an estimated 22,000 tons of waste per day, assuming an average per capita waste generation of 0.5kg for a population of 45 million. Alarmingly, approximately 40 percent of this waste is generated in urban areas. The rapid urbanization rate, increasing by 10 […]

Sustainable Waste Management in Kenya’s Urban Centers

It is estimated that Kenya’s urban population will reach 50 million by the year 2030, accounting for 62.7 percent of the national population. This rapid urbanization further strains the capacity of Kenyan cities to provide critical waste management services to residents. With the continuous construction of infrastructure and residential buildings, the demand for waste management […]

Transforming Urban Areas into Healthy Spaces

By 2050, it is projected that 68% of the global population will live in cities, representing an increase of 2.5 billion people compared to today. With this constant urban population growth and the construction of rental structures to accommodate more people, the consequences are becoming evident. Researchers estimate that nine million people die each year […]

Incorporating Recycling for a Circular Economy

Incorporating recycling as part of every sustainable waste management system is a vital commitment for us at Garbage Dot Com. We recognize the significant potential of recycling in reducing the need for virgin plastic production and giving plastic a second life. Recycled plastic has found applications in various products, including furniture, roads, packaging, and clothing. […]

Are Some Places We Live Going to be Uninhabitable?

Yes, some places on Earth may become uninhabitable due to various factors such as climate change, natural disasters, and human-made disasters. Climate change, for example, is causing rising sea levels, more frequent and severe natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires, and extreme weather events such as heatwaves and droughts. These changes could make some […]

The Indirect Impact of Litter on Climate Change

Does litter cause climate change? While litter itself does not directly cause climate change, it can contribute to climate change in several indirect ways: By promoting sustainable waste management practices, we can mitigate the indirect impacts of litter on climate change. Here are some actions we can take: By addressing litter and promoting sustainable waste […]

The Dangers of Dumping Waste in Illegal Landfills in Kenya

There are several reasons why you should not dump waste in illegal landfills in Kenya: In conclusion, it is crucial to dispose of waste in a responsible and legal manner to protect the environment, public health, and the economy. Avoiding illegal landfills in Kenya is essential to prevent environmental pollution, minimize health risks, comply with […]

The Healing Power of Nature: Taking Time to Connect

Nature holds a profound ability to heal and nourish our souls. Whether it’s taking a leisurely walk in the park after a hectic day or simply sitting under the shade of a tree, the therapeutic effects of nature are undeniable. Engaging with nature has been linked to a myriad of benefits, including improved attention, reduced […]

Kenya Recycling Process

Kenya’s efforts to address its waste management challenges and promote recycling are commendable. Seeking investors to recycle trash is a positive step toward achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management system. By attracting investments in recycling, Kenya can create new opportunities for job creation, promote a circular economy, and reduce the negative impact […]

Let Us Recycle: Waste Management Initiatives

Kenya’s County governments have been actively working towards enhancing waste management plans to address the growing environmental concerns and promote sustainable practices. Here are some key waste management initiatives and strategies that have been implemented: Waste Segregation County governments have emphasized the importance of waste segregation at the source. They encourage residents to separate waste […]

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